The Mighty Boosh, Jay Kay, Shane McGowan, Franz Ferdinand, The Cramps, The Damned, Sky Saxon and designer Anna Sui don't often agree on things, but they have all declared their love for cult favourites The Priscillas and their unique brand of milkshake punk. Their second album "10,000 Volts" is out on Nag's Head Records via Cargo on 16th February, and is sure to make your ears pop.
  Their last album was a retro slice of bubblegum pop, a John Waters style, Rocky Horror Show unraveling before you. It created two sell-out singles which hit Radio One, BBC 6Music and XFM. They ended up guesting on Phill Jupitus' 6Music show twice, plus sessioning for WFMU in New York. Even Topshop got in on the act, voting a video in their top 40 of the year. Over in the States The Priscillas frequently guested on the radio show of Little Steven of Springsteen's E-Street Band and The Sopranos. The cult approval began.
  However this time round, the band are moving on and embracing a whole flavour of different influences with a change of tack. While respecting their "leader of the pack" ethics, powerpop, disco, 70's New York, indie-pop and mariachi all collide to make a unique splash of genres that reveal an album of blazingly catchy pastiche and vibrancy. Singing about "Jimmy in a Dress" or "gonna rip up your photograph", these ladies know how girl/boy really works, and are prepared to take that message further. The album has been given the once over by producers Andy Chatterley (Kanye West, Pussycat Dolls, Kylie, The Kills) and Marc Waterman (Ash, Elastica) in the girls' mission to move into a myriad of different influences.
  Strong women know what they want and this time round, the girls are joined by of all things... a boy. Phil Martini, ex-Tokyo Dragons drummer, is a brave sticksman to deal with this cacophony of super heroines, catwomen, go-go dancers and superstars. Frontwoman Jenny Drag, a New Jersey feline panther of a chanteuse, prowls her stage protectively clad in a catsuit that would give Pussy Galore palpitations. Such a strong diva needs a strong team to back her up. Norwegian Guitar diva Guri Go-Go may look like a Veronica Lake kitten, but her rubber-taut guitarwork shows her to be anything but. Native Brit, Kate Kannibal's twist on melodic basslines kick as hard as her legs do on stage. Lucky Phil.
  Such excitement would be of no surprise had you seen the band. Aside from their deliciously playful charisma, the tunes carry cosmic boogie with unmitigated rock to create a stunning live show. Stripping sensations from Blondie, Abba and Queen, the ensemble triumph on stage in taut, razor-sharp rocking shows that have gleaned attention at Glastonbury, Leeds Carling Weekend, Bestival and Lost Vagueness. They have played with kindred spirits such as Art Brut, The Cramps, The Damned and The 5,6,7,8s.
  10,000 Volts Tracklisting:
  • All The Way to Holloway
  • Timing
  • Jimmy In a Dress
  • Lucy's Gone
  • Fly In My Drink
  • Oh Keiko
  • Outer Space
  • Superhero
  • Demolition Kids
  • Come Out
  • Y.O.Y
  • Don;t Follow Me
  • The King Is Dead
  • Dirty Old T-Shirt
  "Near perfect power-pop." NME
  "There's a new breed of girl groups on the scene ... The Priscillas exude B-movie glamour" VOGUE
  "Hotly tipped, all girl rock n rollers" THE INDEPENDENT
  "They're The Cramps, The Shangri-Las and the New York Dolls all rolled into one." KERRANG!
  "A purring, shrieking, shimmying torment of riff-fuelled fun ... demand[s] to be heard." METRO
  "All bubblegum boogie and juke-joint jive." I-D